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Our platform

Automation for impact

Our smart technology is the key to a new way of delivering finance. We’re adding intelligence and automation to the finance ecosystem with a technology platform that sits in-between funders, partners and businesses to smooth every aspect of deal-making. It’s smart, nimble, programmable and flexible for your requirements. 

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Our platform offers the tools to innovators to create new financial products that connect to real-world outcomes.



Ensure all deals are set up right from the start. Onboard all parties to use the platform and establish procedures to ensure compliance.

Onboard individuals or organisations and maintain this information over time.

Once parties are onboarded they can participate in multiple deals with one place to go for all their information.


Contract creation

Replace paper with a digital contract with automated rules that will execute over time.

All aspects of each contract and its terms will be stored digitally with the ability to access at any time.

Leverage the automation capability to make clever and complex contracts with confidence.


Contract management

Once a contract is created it will continue to execute over time. Terms become rules that direct automated action and workflows, including between multiple parties where necessary.

Up to date information is assessed each time the rules are executed, ensuring that the contract is managed responsively over time.

All live contracts and their status are stored in one place, streamlining the management process and creating greater visibility of results.




    Easy onboarding

    Invite all parties to use the platform with the added security of two-factor authentication

  • Automate administration

    Code all your contract terms so that they execute reliably without manual intervention

  • Simplify record keeping

    Contract status is kept up to date every time the rules are run, maintaining accurate records seamlessly


    Multi-party agreements

    Contract rules can be defined to work between multiple parties easily and effectively

  • Smart contracts

    Contracts can be defined to be smart and respond to variable rules, conditions and data

  • Real-world data integration

    There is the ability to integrate real-world data where a contract can depend on the results

Unlock a new way of working

Our ESG solutions team are experts in financial innovation enabled by technology. We work with like-minded funding partners and innovative businesses to drive positive change together.

Create outcomes

Our solution is built with the challenges of today and tomorrow in mind


Make the complex

Consolidate and automate cumbersome administration, build confidence to execute with a greater level of complexity


Gain a competitive

Be ahead of the curve, gaining the capability to innovate faster, deliver better and win in the market


Deliver real-world impact

Gain greater granularity of results, free up time to focus and drive greater outcomes from investment activity


We're ready to chat and see how we can help you be empowered to make a change