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ESG solutions

We’re living through a time of exponential advances in technology. We believe it’s time to bring that change to finance.

At PowerFinance we are thinking differently. Using new technology to create digital-led credit solutions that aren't bound by the traditional finance conventions. 

We’re connecting the right people with the right finance to deliver better outcomes for businesses and funders. If you’re up for creating better, fairer lending, rethinking finance and focusing on real-world outcomes in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) we want to connect with you.


Here to connect you with the right solutions

If you're looking to lend money or secure funding we have a dedicated team that will work with you and discuss what solutions may work for you and your investment partners.



We are an experienced team with an extensive background in financial engineering.


Technology implementation

Having a strong finance background, we work with businesses to assist in implementation of our technology.



We can bring multiple investment partners and businesses together to create a solution for your needs.

Meet the kapa/team


Dave Corbett

Chief Executive Officer / Director

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Matt Rama

Chief Commercial Officer

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Ralph Chang

Chief Growth Officer /
Co founder 

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Ross Pennington

General Counsel 

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Unlock a new level of productivity, effectiveness and innovation in finance


    Reduce overheads

    With all the information in one place and the ability to automate you can free up time and increase efficiency

  • Overcome complexity

    Contract rules can be automatically enforced, giving peace of mind that even the complex can be managed

  • Enable collaboration

    Multiple parties can be added to the same smart contract with ease and confidence


    Respond to change

    Smart contracts can be tailored to dynamically respond to data triggers across the lifetime of the deal

  • Keep track over time

    Record keeping is built in to the solution, giving an up to date picture of each contract status

  • Link finance to results

    With the ability to integrate real world data it's possible to create a direct link between finance and impact

What makes us different?

  • With the PowerFinance platform, you can invest in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) projects and businesses that are building a better tomorrow by rewarding outcomes and quality investment projects
  • Our innovative smart contracts help you differentiate and offer incentives to borrowers to do better business
  • A digital-led solution that enables smoother, seamless finance products reducing administration and manual processes.
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We're ready to chat and see how we can help you be empowered to make a change. 

Businesses finance solutions 

If you're a business looking for finance to grow, purchase a new asset or looking to shake up your finance arrangement we may have a solution that works for you