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We’re delivering better outcomes for New Zealand businesses by rethinking finance: how it’s delivered, who it’s for, and how it’s accessed. We’re creating better, fairer lending. Rethinking risk and focusing on real-world outcomes, such as fairer finance for business and a greener future.

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Solutions for kiwi businesses

We’ve thought a lot about how we can make a change in business finance in New Zealand. Our goal from the outset was to provide businesses access to the finance they need to grow, improve cash flows and work with customers to provide a better experience.

Invoice financing

Invoice financing allows you to borrow against the invoices issued to your customers. It isn’t new, but it is often an expensive option as other providers associate a high credit risk and therefore a high-interest rate with this kind of lending.

At PowerFinance, we think about invoice financing differently and look at who you are issuing invoices to and take their ability to pay the invoice into account. We know some of your customers like Government departments, big corporates and Councils aren’t likely to have issues with paying you on time, but waiting for the 20th of next month can impact your business cash flow.

We focus and specialise in providing finance on these types of invoices and could provide funding up to 100% of an invoice's value at a lower cost compared to most other invoice finance providers.


What makes business financing through PowerFinance different?

  • We can provide a more cost-effective alternative to traditional invoice finance providers

  • We assess finance by looking at who your customers are and their ability to pay, and the process in which they approve payment on your invoices

  • We could provide finance on 100% of the value of an invoice, less fees, issued to your customer

  • We don’t secure finance against your personal assets like your home

Working with you

We have a dedicated team that will work with you and discuss what business finance solutions may work for you.

They’ll take you through our solutions in more detail and will need to understand who your customers are and will look at your cash flows to see how we can help. Together we can find a solution to grow your business and improve your cash flow.


Ready to be empowered?