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Empowering affordable homes

Unlock innovation potential and deliver new solutions to affordable housing investment 

There is a growing recognition of the difference affordable housing investment can make, alongside a growing recognition of the need to work differently in this space. Our platform enables the seamless creation and management of new financial solutions that can drive greater impact and better outcomes in this space. 



Reframing opportunities

Affordable housing requires creative financing solutions. With the demand for affordable housing finance looking set to increase, the ability to be able to leverage data and technology to reframe risk and identify new investment opportunities will likely increase too.

Our platform is designed to be able to be data-driven, smart and future thinking - enabling the flexibility to create and manage new financial products with ease. Opening up the possibility to find new solutions in a sector that needs it.

Creating consistency and stability

Affordable housing investments typically require longer-term horizons. However, longer investment terms often create operational risks that need to be managed.

Our platform codifies contracts into robust, digital and automatically executable terms that can be managed efficiently over time. Creating the confidence that finance deals can be managed effectively, even over the longer term.



Solving challenges together

The affordable housing ecosystem has many participants including governments, private investors, developers and community housing providers. Working together to accelerate projects and optimise outcomes is key.  

Our technology enables multiple parties to work together and automatically co-ordinates flows of conditions and finance throughout these ecosystems. Enabling greater collaboration and ability to solve the affordable housing challenge together



Find new solutions

Leverage automation and data smarts to create efficiency; maximising investment in value creating actions


Take a long term view

Increased capability and more time to create opens up possibilities to develop new finance solutions


Collaborate for change

Keep track of your finance deals and build smart terms based on achieving real world outcomes


Unlock a new level of productivity, effectiveness and innovation in finance


    Reduce overheads

    With all the information in one place and the ability to automate you can free up time and increase efficiency


    Overcome complexity

    Contract rules can be automatically enforced, giving peace of mind that even the complex can be managed


    Enable collaboration

    Multiple parties can be added to the same smart contract with ease and confidence


    Respond to change

    Smart contracts can be tailored to dynamically respond to data triggers across the lifetime of the deal


    Keep track over time

    Record keeping is built in to the solution, giving an up to date picture of each contract status


    Link finance to results

    With the ability to integrate real world data it's possible to create a direct link between finance and impact

creating the future

Working with funding partners and businesses to drive innovation together. Our ESG solutions team are experts in leveraging our technology and identifying opportunities to change finance for the better.